Featured Legacy Matters NMCRS — 31 May 2017

Chief Petty Officer Ivan Pearson, USN and family.

Petty Officer Third Class Ivan Pearson returned from deployment to a car with transmission problems. “Someone suggested I go to the Society, but I didn’t think a broken car was an emergency,” Ivan says. “But the Society helped me. I received an interest-free loan and they set up a repayment plan I could afford. As an E4, my paycheck didn’t go far, so their assistance was a big help.”

Years later, when Ivan’s wife Tiffani, was pregnant with their first child, she learned that the military hospital at Naval Station Great Lakes didn’t deliver babies or offer birthing, breastfeeding, or other new parent classes. Tiffani says, “The prenatal nurse at the VA hospital in Great Lakes told us about our options.”

Tiffani met with NMCRS Great Lakes visiting nurse April Pearson (no relation to Tiffani or Ivan), and Tiffani and Ivan attended birthing and breastfeeding classes offered by NMCRS Great Lakes, as well as the Society’s Budget for Baby workshop.

In addition to parenting classes, Tiffani was grateful for help from nurse April. “April continued to check on me,” Tiffani says. ”As a first-time mom, I was worried about everything.”

When Ivan and Tiffani were stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, Tiffani continued to need support. “Several months after our baby was born, we PCS’d to Yokosuka. I reached out to NMCRS Yokosuka’s visiting nurse, Karen Fahrney. I’m grateful for the Society’s visiting nurses. They’re why I began volunteering with the Society.”

Today, Tiffani is the chair of volunteers for NMCRS Yokosuka. She helps recruit, train, place, and retain volunteers who are military spouses, active duty personnel, and retirees. And she’s training to become a caseworker.

“Once a client gets the financial assistance they need,” she says, “and the knowledge that they can repay it – seeing that relief on their faces makes all the difference. I love seeing the positive impact the Society has on service members and their families.”

For his part, Ivan encourages Sailors to go to the Society for help. “I can’t count the number of times I’ve sent Sailors to NMCRS for assistance,” he says. And he always gives to the Active Duty Fund Drive.

Ivan, Tiffani, you, and the Society- all of us pulling together to take care of Sailors, Marines, and their families. Your giving makes you an important part of our network of support. Thank you!

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso


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