When you give, you help Sea Service members in so many ways. Let Corporal Garcia tell you how that happened for him.

You helped Corporal Garcia out of a jam. See what happened when you read his story

“I’m single and I’m a car guy. I was driving my dream car to work when it threw a rod, destroying the engine. I was walking toward the gate when the Master-at-Arms saw me and asked if I needed help. He let me call for a tow truck from the gate.

“The repair was way more than I had in savings. So I went to the Society, and everybody was really helpful. It came to a lot more than the $500 Quick Assist Loan®, but everyone was really good about walking me through my budget, getting approvals, and handing me a check for the repairs.

“If the Society hadn’t been there, I would’ve had to go to a payday-loan place. They have high interest rates. They’re not like the Society. Here, you know the Society is not going to do that to you.

“I’ve counseled other Marines to come to the Society if they need help. I tell them, ‘Go to the Society and work out a plan with them.’

I donate to the Society and have since I repaid that loan. I started giving because they were there for me when I needed them. That’s why I tell other Marines, ‘Give now so they’ll be there if you need them.’”

It could be anything from a natural disaster to a family emergency to an unexpected expense. Your support for the Society lets Sea Service members cope, adjust, and stay focused on their mission of protecting America. This is the good you do each time you give.


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