Cheryl EveretteDuring the 22 years that her late husband was an editor for the Navy Wire Service, Cheryl Everette heard all the Navy news. “He wrote many stories on the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society throughout his journalism career,” Everette explained. So, when she needed help paying for utilities and food, Everette knew right where to go.

“Whenever someone is in need, the military takes care of its own,” Everette said. “The Society lives up to its motto that ‘we provide for the widows and orphans.’ [Director of NMCRS Jacksonville] Monika Woods and all of her staff are very kind and very caring and live up to that motto.”

Everette cannot work because of health issues and must rely on her husband’s Survivor Benefit for income. She and her husband Dennis, who retired as a first class petty officer, had been living in Columbia, Maryland. “Before he passed away, he asked me to move to Florida because he didn’t want me living alone in the winter conditions up there,” she explained. The couple’s only child was attending nursing school at the time but had to withdraw due to illness. He moved to Florida to be with his mom but also passed away, leaving Everette completely on her own.

Everyone at the NMCRS Jacksonville office has “treated me with the utmost respect,” said Everette. Over the years, NMCRS has provided interest-free loans to help Everette remain safe and healthy in her home. Just as importantly, NMCRS staff and volunteers have provided Everette with moral support, compassion, and a listening ear.


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