As an active duty Marine, Wayne Osbourne made sure Marines in his command received their hard-earned paychecks. “I entered information in the military payroll system and maintained proper documents to support the housing allowances, marital status, travel claims, moving expenses, and awards for every Marine,” he explained. I gained detailed knowledge of how everything worked and learned the military pay manuals well. People would say, ‘Don’t mess with him because he can quote the manuals!’ I took pride in knowing what the manuals said and that allowed me to better serve the Marines in the command.” Wayne was so knowledgeable about military pay regulations that he received the highest score on the East Coast during an inspection of pay-related items.

Wayne started his career as a reservist, managing pay for reservists. An officer recognized Wayne’s skill and offered him active duty special work orders, which led to a three-year active duty tour. Wayne went on to master both reserve and active duty pay systems, which eventually merged. He has also mastered both Navy and Marine Corps pay systems, which are separate.

Now Wayne brings his expertise and attention to detail to a new position with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society as director of NMCRS’s Loan Administration Division. Wayne has already acquired extensive knowledge of the Society’s loan program, serving as senior loan administrator since 2005, working under recently retired Loan Administration Division director Dan Butts.

Long before he worked for the Society, however, Wayne was a donor and a client. “During the Active Duty Fund Drive they would ask for my support, and I always provided it, but I had no idea what the Society actually did until much later when I ended up using the services. When I was a staff sergeant on active duty, I had been renting a home in Stafford, Virginia and had orders to PCS. I wasn’t sure I would get my security deposit back in time to cover my expenses. The Society gave me assistance. I got my refund back and repaid my loan from the Society.”

As Wayne prepared to retire after 20 years of military service, he received an email advertising an NMCRS position. “It said, ‘We’re looking for a senior level SNCO who is well versed in active duty military pay and resources.’ I sat there and thought someone was actually talking to me.” Wayne applied and was hired.

“They tell you that after you retire from the military you normally switch jobs two or three times because you’re looking for the right fit. But I’ve always found the work here so rewarding. I like the impact that I make on Sailors and Marines.”


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