Bonnie Clark greatly supported Sailors and Marines not only in her career, but also in her volunteer activities. As a finance government employee at the Department of Defense, Bonnie specialized in service member credit cards. This career path is how Bonnie first connected with Maureen Farrell, Director at NMCRS PAX River.

“Bonnie was a great advocate for Sailors and Marines,” shared Maureen. “If she found they needed some financial help, she would send them to the PAX office.”

Making client referrals to NMCRS was just one of the ways that Bonnie was an advocate for the mission of the Society. Bonnie served as a Society volunteer, earning 758 volunteer hours as a caseworker, Budget for Baby® Blanket Maker and as a Client Services Assistant (CSA).

“Bonnie was involved in the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association (DAUAA) Golf Tournament for NMCRS.” shared Maureen, “Bonnie made arrangements for the wounded warriors in the area to play on many of the teams involved in the tournament.”

In addition to volunteering with NMCRS during her retirement, Bonnie also committed her time to volunteering at her church, the local elementary school, and the animal shelter.

Bonnie did not live near any family members, and was cared for by her church and NMCRS family.

“Bonnie was a devoted volunteer at the Patuxent River office until she became too ill to continue. She was always so very kind and generous to everyone she came in contact with but had a special place in her heart for Navy and Marine Corps service members,” Maureen revealed.

When Bonnie passed away, she left over $18,000 from her estate to NMCRS. Maureen was surprised to receive this gift in the mail. “I had no idea NMCRS was included in estate but I am so grateful for her support of the Society.”

“It was Ms. Clark’s desire to support your organization in your efforts to support members and families in the military,” said Alexis J. Owens, Attorney/Personal Representative of Bonnie’s estate.


By Thelisha Woods


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