When their daughter graduates with a degree in social work next month, Susan and Scott Bingham will finally be done paying for college for their three children. Tuition – even for one student – can be daunting, but parents with three children, are anxious to find help.

The Binghams were thrilled to discover that the Society offers interest-free loans and scholarships for children of active duty and retired Sailors and Marines to achieve their first undergraduate degree.

“The financial assistance we received from the Society was a tremendous help,” Susan said. “When my son Marshall was graduating from high school, he was accepted to the Citadel, but the Citadel didn’t offer any scholarships. His first semester’s tuition was $12,000. We prayed for a way to afford it.”

With NMCRS education assistance, and help from mom and dad, Marshall graduated from the Citadel debt-free. He is now in the U.S. Army stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas, soon to become a first lieutenant. Their youngest, Jenna, will receive her bachelor’s degree next month. She too, is graduating debt-free with help from mom and dad, and the Society.

“Thank you, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, for helping our children achieve an undergraduate education and become independent, successful young adults.”

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso


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