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Planning to Achieve Financial Goals

You’ve been bold enough to set a financial goal. Great! Now it’s time to create a plan. A plan? Goals are supposed to be stepping stones to my financial plan, how many plans do I need? [...]

Goals – Charting Your Financial Path

Goal (as defined through Webster’s Dictionary): “The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” Goals are easy. We find something we like, set an arbitrary goal to reach or obtain it, [...]

Applying the “Why”

Have you ever heard someone talk about how they “just knew they had to do something.” It was their purpose, they had to act. At one point or another we have all heard a rendition of [...]

Start your Financial Planning with a “Why?”

  Tucking my five year old in bed the other day, he asked if I could drive him to school the next day. Apologetically, I answered, “no, because daddy has to go to work.” He then [...]

Filtering the Financial Noise

Personal finance is like a snowflake, from far away each situation looks relatively the same; however, a closer inspection reveals that each personal financial situation is unique. And while personal finance applies to everyone, not all [...]

The Real Meaning of Financial Planning

Financial Planning – an ongoing process to help make sensible decisions about money that can help achieve goals in life. The above definition is given by a very well known and respected financial organization. Unfortunately, it [...]

UTMA/UGMA vs. 529 Plan – How to Set Up Your Child for Success

As parents we always want more for our children than we had. Part of what most of us want for them is an education, and even better, an education that is paid in full. There are [...]

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