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VA Home Loans – What You Should Know Before You Sign

The VA Home Loan is a significant benefit for active duty service members and veterans. Those who qualify to use a VA home loan can avoid making large down payments and paying monthly Private Mortgage Insurance [...]

TRICARE Plans – A Conversation Worth Having

It is a severe understatement to suggest that TRICARE is simply a “health plan.” TRICARE is a comprehensive health care provider that combines the military medical system with a nexus of civilian health care suppliers to [...]

G.I. Bill – Benefits and Choices

For most who entered the service, the GI bill was a benefit that sealed the deal, a college education for you after 4 experience-filled years. Sounds pretty easy right? However, take a decade of changes, pack [...]

Combining Military Benefits

Last week a report came out from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that stated in 2013, 60,000 military veterans received “triple benefits.” We will forgo the political ramblings from both sides of the isle to whether [...]

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