Still in the FightWhen Wilmington, NC businessman David Long heard this song, saw this video, and learned the staggering statistics of combat-injured veterans he was moved to act.

“Still the Fight” is a song written by US Marine Lt. Col. Mike Corrado about the challenging road to recovery that wounded warriors face, and its video features three Marines who suffered significant injuries in combat.

“One statistic made me want to help,” Long explained. “When I first saw that video, 25 servicemen and women were killing themselves every day. Now it’s down to 22. If we can save one or more people from killing themselves, it would be worth it.”

A filmmaker helping Long with corporate videos told Long that he and the director of the “Still In the Fight” video wanted to make a documentary about those three Marines, but hadn’t been able to secure funding. Long and his wife agreed that the story needed to be told about these servicemembers, their sacrifice, and their determination to recreate their lives back at home.

Two years later, the documentary Still in the Fight chronicles the lives of two of those Marines: Master Sergeant William “Spanky” Gibson and Corporal Kyle Carpenter, who will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor this summer for his bravery. The third Marine from the original music video was unavailable, so the movie also includes Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman.

Still in the Fight is available for sale on All profits from the sale of the DVD benefit four military assistance organizations, including the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

“I just want as many people as possible to see Still in the Fight so we can keep people from hurting themselves,” Long said. “There’s no reason why these servicemembers have to feel like they’re alone out there.”

Watch a trailer for the movie here.




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  1. This is a very important documentation. This is a film that I wish even Germans would view. Unfortunately many in our society could care less about your Military let alone what happens to the Men and Women who put their lives in harms way to defend liberty for all. Unfortunately, for some reason we can not get it here. Even if it is available at, shipping to Germany is finally rejected. Are we going to get this documentary in the future for Germany?


    Thomas A. Roth

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