Whether repairing airplanes, teaching government acquisition courses, or running charity golf tournaments, Duane Mallicoat has spent several decades serving the Navy, Sailors, and their families.

Duane enlisted in the Navy in 1971 and retired as an officer in 2005. Then he went to work for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) in Patuxent River, Maryland, teaching active duty and government employees about purchasing equipment and supplies for the military. Duane retired from DAU this year and moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where he immediately signed up to volunteer for NMCRS Jacksonville. He is training to be a caseworker and organizing golf tournaments to benefit the Society.

While working for the DAU, Duane served as president of the Alumni Association (DAUAA)—the nonprofit outreach arm of the DAU—which presents awards for excellence and raises money for local organizations. Each DAUAA chapter chooses several partner organizations to support.

As a Naval officer, Duane had referred many Sailors to the Society for budget counseling and financial assistance. “I knew what the Society could do for Sailors,” he recalled. So when the Admiral at Naval Air Station Patuxent River connected Duane with NMCRS Patuxent River Director Maureen Farrell, Duane was happy to help. “They wanted to raise more money during the annual Active Duty Fund Drive,” Duane said. “They asked if our DAUAA chapter could help.” Duane and his DAUAA chapter raised more than $10,000 a year for four years for the Society by hosting golf tournaments.

Now Duane is marshalling the power of the DAUAA and has launched a new chapter in Jacksonville, and once again sharing his fundraising prowess with NMCRS. Their golf tournaments have raised $3,500 for the Society so far.

Duane Mallicoat

“Duane is a retired Navy Captain with a lot of energy,” said NMCRS Jacksonville Director Monika Woods. “We’re lucky to have him on our team as a volunteer at NMCRS Jacksonville.”

Thank you for your years of service to the Navy and Navy personnel and families!


By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso


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