ABF2 Lyndon Belvis Natividad, who has been volunteering with the NMCRS North Island office since May of 2017, added making blankets to the list of contributions he has given to the Society. Lyndon had learned the basics of crocheting in elementary school, but never practiced since. He used YouTube videos to teach himself how to crochet again, and within two months brought us two beautiful handmade blankets!

Lyndon started working in the office as a Client Services Assistant initially, and added volunteering at the NOLF Thrift Shop sorting donations. He not only gave us precious time as an active duty volunteer but also went above and beyond by coordinating the delivery of tri-wall boxes of donations from a deploying command to the thrift shop. In the meantime, he acted as an ambassador and recruited a fellow service member to volunteer for the Society. As the President of Junior Enlisted Association, ABF2 Natividad is helping spread the word about NMCRS and is working on recruiting more volunteers by sharing his experience.

We truly appreciate our active duty volunteer who does not let time restraints stop him from helping his fellow service members through the services of the NMCRS.

By Sabire S. Simoneau



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