On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, it gives me great pleasure to commend Captain Dave Mattis, U.S. Navy (Retired) as the twenty-second recipient of the Mrs. Grace Glenwood Higginson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Since joining the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society in September 1994, CAPT Mattis’s relentless commitment and selfless dedication have influenced and assisted the lives of countless Sailors and Marines. Throughout his long and unmatched career, he has served in numerous capacities – Caseworker, Casework Lead, Recognition Coordinator, and Records Coordinator – and is regarded as a cornerstone of the Mayport Office.

As a Caseworker and Casework Lead, CAPT Mattis’s unique capacity to understand both the role of the valued volunteer and the emergent financial urgency of the client is second to none. His calm demeanor and in-depth knowledge of Society policies distinguishes him as a mentor for countless volunteers and an expert with meaningful inputs for the most difficult of cases.   To volunteers, CAPT Mattis imparts the ability to put clients at ease while determining their immediate needs; to service members, he displays a supreme allegiance to fully embrace service delivery. Also a veteran Records Coordinator, he demonstrates flawless record preservation at NMCRS Mayport. Long considered a Society expert in record keeping, CAPT Mattis has an exceptional command of site specific capability and suitability that was indispensable to NMCRS Headquarters during the transition from Vworks to Volgistics. Working in close collaboration with the Volunteer Support team, he helped migrate volunteer records from one system to another and established the Society’s accurate framework of record keeping today.

CAPT Mattis’s personal record over the past quarter-century is a standard of performance and excellence very few ever achieve: nearly 12,000 casework hours in support of 2,631 clients with more than $1.5 million; 900 hours guiding casework volunteers; 2,300 hours maintaining volunteer records; and too many Presidential and Hourly Society Awards to number. Truly, his loyalty to the Society and service members and their families cannot be adequately measured. He is the epitome of a volunteer who is always there when needed and does not hesitate to respond whenever asked. The Society is blessed with his lifetime legacy of support. In appreciation of his remarkable achievements, we are honored to recognize CAPT Mattis’s unprecedented service that so fully embodies the spirit and intent of the Mrs. Grace Glenwood Higginson Lifetime Achievement Award.


Steve Abbot

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)



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  1. So happy and proud of you. Happy to have you as a friend and former neighbor. Continue with the good work.

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