On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, it gives me great pleasure to commend Carolyn Phoebus as the twenty-third recipient of the Mrs. Grace Glenwood Higginson Lifetime Achievement Award.

For more than half a century, Ms. Phoebus has tirelessly demonstrated a strong work ethic and a heart to assist those in need. Joining the Society in 1964, she has humbly served the naval family in Lemoore, California; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Japan; the Philippines; and Pensacola, Florida, where she currently devotes three days each week. Accepting responsibility as a Client Services Assistant, Caseworker, and Casework Lead, Ms. Phoebus is a premier advocate for service members, both active duty and retired, and their families. She recommends financial solutions, applies Society and community resources, and ensures clients receive sound financial education. Especially concerned with the NMCRS Widow Program, Ms. Phoebus is resolute in her commitment as Widows Assistance Lead. In this unique capacity, she partners with the Visiting Nurse as she generates stipend reviews that are a true reflection of each widow or widower’s individual financial picture. Furthermore, Ms. Phoebus carefully guides widows and widowers through administrative documents, drives to their homes to pick up required paperwork, helps organize their monthly bills, investigates additional resources beyond NMCRS, and has even aided in locating a “lost” car by means of myriad calls throughout the community.

In every instance, her abiding passion for the NMCRS Pensacola widows and widowers has guaranteed that these deserving women and men receive their due entitlements. Ms. Phoebus’s record is one of great merit: she has counseled more than 2,400 clients with nearly $1.14 million in financial assistance; she freely mentors volunteers to improve their readiness and casework skills; and she has accumulated in excess of 10,600 volunteer hours. Exceptional in her oversight of the Society’s Mission and mindful of the use of donated dollars, she is a conscientious, dedicated servant leader whose support is testament to her character. It is with the greatest pleasure that we recognize Ms. Phoebus for her expertise and sacrifices that so fully embody the spirit and intent of the Mrs. Grace Glenwood Higginson Lifetime Achievement Award.


Steve Abbot

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)



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