Dear Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Visiting Nurses,

Thank you for making such a positive impact in the lives of Sailors, Marines, Veterans, and their family members!

As a Visiting Nurse, your healthcare expertise and compassion in its practice have contributed to the continuing history of one of our unique Society programs. Your provision of health education, home visits, consultations, and referrals of supporting services remain an invaluable piece of the wellbeing of our active duty Sailors and Marines, the many retirees, combat veterans, and their families. It is through your knowledge, kindness, and dedication that their lives have been improved. While our Sea Services have been and continue to be engaged on many fronts, your committed engagement and vigorous advocacy on their healthcare behalf have been both a strong pillar of our Society mission and of their successes at home, afloat, and afield. It is through your tireless efforts that the tradition that began in 1922 of taking care of our own, continues today.

As one who knows well the sacrifices, empathy, and caring that distinguishes the nursing profession and to be so fortunate to know such nurses through the VN Program, I am deeply honored to recognize and celebrate each of you during this National Nurses Week 2018. You are our true “Nightingales “and it is through your nursing actions that positive results are achieved for our clients in greatest need. From the new-born infant and mother’s learning to the struggles of veterans ravaged by combat – you make the difference! In their lives and the lives of those around them and as representatives of this Society – you make the difference! This week and in every day you are making a difference!

With deepest gratitude,

Admiral Steve Abbot,
U.S. Navy (Retired)
President and Chief Executive Officer




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