At Gabby Vizcaino’s high school, every student must choose an organization to help with a community service project in order to graduate. Gabby learned recently that the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society had assisted her dad, a USMC Chief Warrant Officer, with travel expenses when her grandfather was having heart transplant surgery, and again with funeral expenses when her other grandfather died. Knowing the important role the Society played in her family during particularly tough times, Gabby knew she wanted to focus her community service work on NMCRS.

Gabby’s father has been a Marine since 1996, and he met Gabby’s mother at Ft. Lee in Virginia when both were stationed there. Gabby’s mother served as a reservist for six years. The family has been stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms. “My dad has been deployed multiple times,” Gabby said. “He’s been stationed in Okinawa, and we almost moved there, but my brother has asthma so we couldn’t.”

“When my parents told me about this organization that had helped us—people I had never met who directly helped our family—it was mind blowing,” Gabby explained. “As a military family, I thought it was a great idea to support the Society with my service project. I wanted to give back to the people who had supported our family.”

Gabby’s first step to raise money for the Society was holding a garage sale, which brought in $70. She’s also set up a Facebook fundraising page to send to family and friends to solicit their support.

“A couple of my teachers who have ties to the military are excited to help. A lot of teachers have asked me questions about the Society. My parents are excited too.”

Gabby plans to come up with more ways to raise money and educate people about the Society throughout the school year.

Thank you for your support, Gabby! To contribute to Gabby’s efforts, visit her a Facebook fundraising page here:


By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso


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