Combat Casualty Visiting Nurses

NMCRS Visiting Nurse Helps Marine Family Navigate Recovery and New Life

Christopher Cranmer spent nearly half of his seven years in the Marine Corps deployed—primarily to Iraq and one tour to Afghanistan. “I was in the Infantry so I was around everything—firefights, IEDs.” he recalled. As a [...]

Visiting Nurse Helps Marine Push through PTSD to Find New Career

When Marine veteran Josh Ray met NMCRS visiting nurse Bobbi Crann, he was living with his wife and their six children in a fixer-upper house in Oceanside, California, that he was trying to fix up himself. [...]

Sue Waddingham Returns to the Roots of Nursing

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso When Sue Waddingham was 16 years old, she came upon the scene of a bad motorcycle accident. “It was pretty clear that it was going to be a fatality,” she recalled. “And [...]

Your Support Brought a Society Visiting Nurse and an Injured Corpsman Together, Saving His Life

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso The first IED that hit Hospital Corpsman Jorge Rodriguez in downtown Fallujah knocked him unconscious. “I don’t remember a lot,” he said. “I woke up and there were a bunch of Marines [...]

Retired Marine Joe Merritt Connecting Veterans and Civilians through Art

This is the third installment in a series about former Marine Joe Merritt. By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso Now that he’s a civilian, Joe Merritt can make art everywhere. Not only is this former Marine teaching and [...]

Visiting Nurses Help Marine Recover from Four Deployments’ Worth of Blasts

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso Jared Miller deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan four times in four years, contributing valuable combat experience and expertise to every mission. Miller did logistics, collected and delivered Marines’ mail, escorted contractors on [...]

From Spider Bites and Coyote Wounds to TBI and PTSD, Nurse Susan Zebedies Has Treated It All

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso Not every nurse has treated spider and tick bites along with wounds inflicted by coyotes and wild horses. But NMCRS Visiting Nurse Susan Zebedies has. “Nursing in the desert is different than [...]

Celebrating 10 Years of NMCRS Service: Sue Lado on the Importance of Listening

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso As a young girl, Sue Lado watched her sister and her husband struggle to find services. Her brother-in-law was injured in Vietnam and became a quadriplegic. Sue had no idea that she [...]

National Nurses Week 2016: Diana Patterson Comes Up with Creative Solutions for Clients

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso As a high school student, Diana Patterson discovered nursing through the television screen. “I used to watch ER and that got me hooked,” she laughed. But after earning her bachelor’s degree in [...]

National Nurses Week 2016: Greta Ellison Helps Combat-Injured Vets Strive for Independence

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso In New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 80s, next to Tulane Medical Center, was the Veterans Administration hospital and Charity Hospital. While in junior high and high school, Greta Ellison would take [...]

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