Your Donations at Work

Cronk Family Receives Comfort and Support from the Society After Losing a Loved One

After serving for 20 years in the Navy, Chief Paul Cronk continued to serve his fellow Sailors and their families by volunteering in the After Hours Assistance Program at NMCRS Patuxent River. Cronk was the first [...]

Providing Crucial Support When a Hurricane is Bearing Down

For 24 hours straight, wave after wave of buses leave Parris Island, South Carolina to drive the 250 miles to Albany, Georgia. These buses carry 6,000 Marine recruits from boot camp to Marine Corps Logistics Base [...]

Britt and Admiral Zeller’s Service to Country Goes On. Yours Can too When You Plan Your Legacy

“He loved the Navy, and he loved being on ships.” That’s how Britt Zeller describes the career of her late husband, Rear Admiral Raymond “Guy” Zeller. The Navy was Admiral Zeller’s life for 29 years, and [...]

Your Support Helped Give Chasity Some Independence

May 6, 2016, Chasity McCulloch and her husband, Wes, went scuba diving to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Wes, a Marine stationed in Okinawa, had been deployed and had just returned home. For their celebratory dive, [...]

Nationals Honor Sailors and Marines and Support NMCRS

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Since the Washington Nationals started playing baseball in DC in 2005, the team has celebrated and saluted our nation’s service members. From F-8 flyovers on opening day – to [...]

Three Children, Three College Degrees – With a Lot of Work and a Little Help from NMCRS

When their daughter graduates with a degree in social work next month, Susan and Scott Bingham will finally be done paying for college for their three children. Tuition – even for one student – can be [...]

In the Midst of a Personal Tragedy, This Military Family Discovers They Have All of Us Supporting Them

Everything happened so fast. It was April 5, 2011, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kacy Ray was assigned to the 3rd Marine Regiment, located on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Kacy and his wife, Lilian, lived in [...]

A Legacy of Service Continues Through Bequest to the Society

It was when he was walking along the street in a small farming town in rural Illinois at the height of the Great Depression that Glenn Ellis saw the Sailor in his white uniform. A poor [...]

Helping Sea Service Families Evacuate and Recover from Natural Disasters

Before the Storm August 2017, on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, a second category IV hurricane, Irma, seemed to be headed toward Jacksonville, Florida. NMCRS Jacksonville sprang into action. They began issuing $300 debit cards to [...]

Jean Beardsley’s Gift: Celebrating Family, Community, and Service

  It was a place and time that are almost forgotten now. The year, 1917. The place, a rural community outside of Portland, Oregon. This is where Jean was born. And where we can trace a [...]

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