Volunteer Bonnie Clark Shows Her Devotion to NMCRS by Leaving a Generous Gift

Bonnie Clark greatly supported Sailors and Marines not only in her career, but also in her volunteer activities. As a finance government employee at the Department of Defense, Bonnie specialized in service member credit cards. This [...]

NMCRS Camp Pendleton North Director, Donna Miranda Celebrates 10 Years with the Society!

During infantry training, new Marines’ time is not their own. Demanding schedules and weeks at a time in the field mean Marines are focused entirely on the mission. That’s why it can be dangerously easy for [...]

Gabie Telles’ Range of Experiences At NMCRS Helped Prepare Her For Director Role

Gabie Telles still has the budget that a caseworker at NMCRS Bremerton created for her and her husband in 2009 when they went to the Society for help. “When we were first married there was a [...]

“Hamilton” Cast Inspired by Visit to USS New York Makes Donation to NMCRS

On the USS NEW YORK, the ship’s broadway pays tribute to New York City’s Broadway, featuring autographed posters from dozens of Broadway shows. When the NEW YORK visited New York during a 2019 port visit, two [...]

Pam Diskul-Vrable Feels at Home as the New Director at NMCRS Cherry Point

The challenges facing military families are similar wherever you live. Pam Diskul-Vrable realized this when she married a Marine in 2011. “Growing up in a military family is pretty much the same no matter what country [...]

Neal Kusumoto Shares the Adventures of Seaman Jenna and Helps Support NMCRS in Forthcoming Book

In 1998, shortly after Captain Neal Kusumoto took command of the USS VANDEGRIFT in San Diego, California, the ship headed to Yokosuka, Japan for a new home port. The 225 Sailors aboard (all men at the [...]

Cronk Family Receives Comfort and Support from the Society After Losing a Loved One

After serving for 20 years in the Navy, Chief Paul Cronk continued to serve his fellow Sailors and their families by volunteering in the After Hours Assistance Program at NMCRS Patuxent River. Cronk was the first [...]

Cyndi Hill Knows the True Value in Serving as a Thrift Shop Volunteer

A new uniform can cost a Sailor or Marine hundreds of dollars. And Sailors and Marines typically need several uniforms to wear every day and for special occasions. So when a Seabag goes missing during a [...]

Natalie Van Cleave Felt Instantly Welcomed as an NMCRS Volunteer

Natalie Van Cleave and her husband Jordan were high school sweethearts. They started dating in 2005, were married in 2009, and had their first child—Abigail—in 2011. “There were complications when my daughter was born, which cost [...]

Deason Family Supports the Society with their Time, Talent, and Bracelets!

When 10-year-old Ashlynne Deason saw her mom volunteering for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Great Lakes, Ashlynne wanted to know what she could do to help. Her parents, Ashley Deason and Chief Petty Officer Shawn Deason [...]

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