Saving for Retirement – So Many Decisions

Maybe it’s because I am consistently involved in the finance world, but no matter who I talk to, “retirement savings” seems to be a consistent topic of discussion. Employees are thinking about their 401(k) benefits, banks [...]


The roller coaster that has been the stock markets over the past few weeks has kept some of us awake at night while others were re-thinking their ability to retire. Many retirees and others who are [...]

Finding a Comparable Salary During Transition

So many times during a transition seminar I hear, “I just want to find a job that pays what I am earning now.” While this objective is a good one, the actual dollar figures may not [...]

Four Financial Tips to Make Your Retirement Transition Easier

Retiring from the military is an achievement. According to a study conducted in 2011, 83% of military members never complete the 20 years required for the military retirement benefit. Military retirees are an elite group of [...]

The Importance of TAPS Class – Transitioning Mind Shift

Leaving the military is a big decision. Whether you retire or decide to leave on your own, the “transition” is a significant time in any military member’s life. Through the years of military training we learn [...]

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