Personal Finance

Stepping Out Beyond Your Financial Comfort Zone

Have you ever felt you should do something but didn’t do it because it would’ve taken you out of your comfort zone? Taking action related to your personal finances isn’t any different. Many times we do [...]

Planning to Achieve Financial Goals

You’ve been bold enough to set a financial goal. Great! Now it’s time to create a plan. A plan? Goals are supposed to be stepping stones to my financial plan, how many plans do I need? [...]

Goals – Charting Your Financial Path

Goal (as defined through Webster’s Dictionary): “The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” Goals are easy. We find something we like, set an arbitrary goal to reach or obtain it, [...]

Applying the “Why”

Have you ever heard someone talk about how they “just knew they had to do something.” It was their purpose, they had to act. At one point or another we have all heard a rendition of [...]

Identity Theft….Not Me!

Last week I received a call from my financial institution asking if I was in Florida trying to buy groceries. Obviously I was nowhere near the area and they immediately put a fraud alert out on [...]

Sleep Better with this Simple Personal Financial Principle

Even finance experts need financial advice. Curious, I Googled “financial advice” and I was disappointed with what came up – advisors, reputable news sources, and of course advertisements for financial advisors. What did not come was [...]

So you didn’t win the Powerball, now what?

Last week’s fireworks over the nearly $1.5 billion in lottery possibilities had everyone across the United States vying for a chance at newly minted wealth. Yes, I realize that winning the Powerball Jackpot prize is likened [...]

Work hard, Save Smartly , _________ Don’t forget this step!

Sitting on the beach during a recent family trip I found myself calculating in my head how much the trip had actually cost. Air fare, gas, food and lodging, incidentals, extra diapers, and time away from [...]


Since Thanksgiving, my inbox has been bombarded with politicians to support, suggestions for gifts to give and ways to contribute. It started on Black Friday, which was followed by Small Business Saturday, then Cyber Monday, and [...]

Vicious Cycle of Debt

Personal financial management is not just about your retirement or your checking account. It is about all aspects of financial management including debt. Being in debt can be scary and overwhelming. However, not all debt is [...]

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