National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week 2019: Molly Curtis Always Knew She Wanted To Work In Health Care

Growing up with a father who was a physician, Molly Curtis always knew she wanted to work in health care. “My dad was a Navy doctor when I was young, then worked in civilian medicine until [...]

National Nurses Week 2019: Meredith Lockhart Continues to Support Her Community As a Volunteer Visiting Nurse

About 18 hours after Meredith Lockhart had given birth to her first daughter at Naval Hospital Guam, the head of the labor and delivery department came in, not just to check on Meredith, but to offer [...]

National Nurses Week 2019: Arbutus Mullins Loves Being An NMCRS Visiting Nurse

When Arbutus Mullins was 16 years old, her dad spent two and a half months in the hospital in Gainesville, Florida. “I knew then that I wanted to be a nurse,” Arbutus recalled. “I wanted to [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: CCA Client Profile, Charlie Poole

From the Revolutionary War to the current conflict in the Middle East, Charlie Poole’s family has fought in every major American war. Charlie is 10th generation military. He remembers when he was seven years old being [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: Sonya Dillard Enjoys Seeing Her Clients Grow

With four years of service in the Marine Corps, 23 years as a nurse, and 32 years as a military spouse, Sonya Dillard brings abundant credibility to each encounter with her clients. She also communicates her [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: Patty Kotora Returns to High School

When Patty Kotora graduated from West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey in 1992, she would never have guessed that she’d be invited back in 2018 to tell students about her work as a [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: Celebrating 30 Years of Caring, Carolyn Burton Society Visiting Nurse

Over the past 30 years Carolyn Burton has worked as a visiting nurse for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, her compassion remains constant, but some of the circumstances have changed. “I see clients from all age [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: From Extrovert to Introvert, Major Sean Miller tells his story

When Sean Miller joined the Marine Corps, he had three goals: to test himself, fight on the front lines, and be a role model and leader for Marines. Growing up, Sean lived in an abusive family [...]

National Nurses Week 2018: A Message From Admiral Abbot

  Dear Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Visiting Nurses, Thank you for making such a positive impact in the lives of Sailors, Marines, Veterans, and their family members! As a Visiting Nurse, your healthcare expertise and compassion [...]

National Nurses Week 2017: Letter from the Visiting Nurse Program Director, Tammy Ackiss

When Ruthi Moore retired this year after more than 35 years of NMCRS service, everyone knew she left big shoes to fill. As the Society’s first Director of Nursing, Ruthi Moore shaped the Society’s traditional visiting [...]

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