Legacy Matters

Volunteer Judy Robison Wholeheartedly Believes in the Mission of the Society

Judy Robison has done just about everything in the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society office at Cherry Point, North Carolina. She started volunteering in 1981 when her sons were in high school. In 1985, Judy was hired [...]

Dave Happ Is Always Happy to Help as a Volunteer at NMCRS!

Dave Happ wishes he had known about the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society back in the 1970s when he was a junior officer in the Navy, in charge of young Sailors who needed financial support. “I could’ve [...]

Volunteer Taylor Carraway Helps Families Prepare for the Future in the Budget For Baby® Class!

Noticing her husband’s monthly donation to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society on his pay stub was how Taylor Carraway first learned about the Society. The first time she visited a Society office was in 2011 in [...]

Commander Larry Mason: How His Service Led Him to Give Generously to Help Sea Service Members and Their Families

What better reason for joining the Navy than having a great uncle who served directly under Admiral Nimitz in World War II? That’s what motivated Commander Larry Mason. “My great uncle was a Chief Warrant Officer,” [...]

Providing Crucial Support When a Hurricane is Bearing Down

For 24 hours straight, wave after wave of buses leave Parris Island, South Carolina to drive the 250 miles to Albany, Georgia. These buses carry 6,000 Marine recruits from boot camp to Marine Corps Logistics Base [...]

Britt and Admiral Zeller’s Service to Country Goes On. Yours Can too When You Plan Your Legacy

“He loved the Navy, and he loved being on ships.” That’s how Britt Zeller describes the career of her late husband, Rear Admiral Raymond “Guy” Zeller. The Navy was Admiral Zeller’s life for 29 years, and [...]

Your Support Helped Give Chasity Some Independence

May 6, 2016, Chasity McCulloch and her husband, Wes, went scuba diving to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Wes, a Marine stationed in Okinawa, had been deployed and had just returned home. For their celebratory dive, [...]

Why He Gives: Colonel Smith’s Dedication to the Military, the Society, and the Country

Take a look at the photo you see here. It says everything about honor, duty, and service to one’s country. That includes not only 21 years in the Marine Corps but also devotion to Marines, Sailors, [...]

She’s Not Military, But Her Giving Shows How Much She Cares for Sea Service Members and Their Families

It surprises you when you meet her, because of how deeply she cares about the Nation’s service members, but Diane Otto never served in the military. Nor did anyone in her family or her husband’s family. [...]

Home Sweet Home After Hurricane Michael

From June through November each year, the threat of a hurricane is a constant fact of life for Florida residents. Families in Panama City, situated on Saint Andrew Bay, just a few miles from the Gulf [...]

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