Employee Profile

National Nurses Week 2019: Molly Curtis Always Knew She Wanted To Work In Health Care

Growing up with a father who was a physician, Molly Curtis always knew she wanted to work in health care. “My dad was a Navy doctor when I was young, then worked in civilian medicine until [...]

Kaitlyn Gallant Joins the Society as Director of MCRD San Diego

When Kaitlyn Gallant had earned her associate’s degree in accounting, she needed job experience beyond what she’d learned growing up on a cow farm. Living with her Marine spouse in Twentynine Palms, California, there were few [...]

Internal Communications Director, Thelisha Woods Celebrates 15 Years with the Society

In 2003, as a recent graduate of Howard University, Thelisha Woods was waiting for her journalism career to take off when she saw the Society’s advertisement for someone to create training materials. Thelisha had minored in [...]

Courtney Snyder Joins the Society As NMCRS Rota Director

Courtney Snyder trained for months to prepare for her first big race—the Sparkasse-3-country- marathon through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. “My husband was deployed,” she recalled,” and there were several weekends when I ran 10 or 20 [...]

From Volunteer, to Trainer, to Director, June Brennan says Farewell to the Society!

Back in 1978, after the office closed for the day, then-volunteer June Brennan would arrive at NMCRS Rota to type the director’s daily correspondence. She brought her newborn baby along, and he would fall asleep in [...]

Soha Orsburn Joins the Society as a Headquarters Caseworker

With volunteer experience in Sierra Leone and India, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degrees in theological studies in urban and international development, Soha Orsburn brought a passion for working with and helping diverse communities [...]

NMCRS Visiting Nurse Patty Kotora Celebrates 10 Years Of Service

When she worked on a trauma floor in a city hospital, Patty Kotora saw a lot of long-term patients who had to overcome significant physical and emotional damage. “If they didn’t have insurance, they would remain [...]

Area Trainer Kelly Barton Celebrates 10 Years of Service

In 1986, Kelly was a newly married military spouse, living on Guam—her husband’s first duty station—with their toddler son. “My husband was a helicopter pilot and was deployed all the time,” Kelly recalled. “One of my [...]

NMCRS Visiting Nurse April Pearson Celebrates 15 Years with The Society

No matter your age, education, background, or profession, having a baby is a life-changing event and first-time parents have a lot of questions. Even experienced parents may suffer from lack of sleep and surging hormones and [...]

NMCRS Visiting Nurse Stacey Fisher Celebrates 10 Years with the Society

As a military spouse with a passion for helping others through medicine, Stacey Fisher found herself pursuing a nursing education.  “I’ve always had a heart for babies and wanted to pursue a career in pediatrics”, Stacey [...]

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