Donor Stories

Volunteer Bonnie Clark Shows Her Devotion to NMCRS by Leaving a Generous Gift

Bonnie Clark greatly supported Sailors and Marines not only in her career, but also in her volunteer activities. As a finance government employee at the Department of Defense, Bonnie specialized in service member credit cards. This [...]

“Hamilton” Cast Inspired by Visit to USS New York Makes Donation to NMCRS

On the USS NEW YORK, the ship’s broadway pays tribute to New York City’s Broadway, featuring autographed posters from dozens of Broadway shows. When the NEW YORK visited New York during a 2019 port visit, two [...]

Neal Kusumoto Shares the Adventures of Seaman Jenna and Helps Support NMCRS in Forthcoming Book

In 1998, shortly after Captain Neal Kusumoto took command of the USS VANDEGRIFT in San Diego, California, the ship headed to Yokosuka, Japan for a new home port. The 225 Sailors aboard (all men at the [...]

Deason Family Supports the Society with their Time, Talent, and Bracelets!

When 10-year-old Ashlynne Deason saw her mom volunteering for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Great Lakes, Ashlynne wanted to know what she could do to help. Her parents, Ashley Deason and Chief Petty Officer Shawn Deason [...]

Commander Larry Mason: How His Service Led Him to Give Generously to Help Sea Service Members and Their Families

What better reason for joining the Navy than having a great uncle who served directly under Admiral Nimitz in World War II? That’s what motivated Commander Larry Mason. “My great uncle was a Chief Warrant Officer,” [...]

Britt and Admiral Zeller’s Service to Country Goes On. Yours Can too When You Plan Your Legacy

“He loved the Navy, and he loved being on ships.” That’s how Britt Zeller describes the career of her late husband, Rear Admiral Raymond “Guy” Zeller. The Navy was Admiral Zeller’s life for 29 years, and [...]

Why He Gives: Colonel Smith’s Dedication to the Military, the Society, and the Country

Take a look at the photo you see here. It says everything about honor, duty, and service to one’s country. That includes not only 21 years in the Marine Corps but also devotion to Marines, Sailors, [...]

She’s Not Military, But Her Giving Shows How Much She Cares for Sea Service Members and Their Families

It surprises you when you meet her, because of how deeply she cares about the Nation’s service members, but Diane Otto never served in the military. Nor did anyone in her family or her husband’s family. [...]

Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Old Dominion University Sponsors Car Show to Benefit NMCRS

Aaron Naraine was born while his father was stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. From a young age, Aaron was motivated to begin preparing himself to become a Marine. He was a JROTC cadet in [...]

A Chat with Vice Admiral Michael D. Haskins, USN (Ret.) and Mrs. Joanne Haskins about Service, the Society, and Giving

It’s a special thing when someone like Vice Admiral Mike Haskins, who has already given so much to the military and to this country, gives even more with a gift for the Society. That’s why we [...]

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