This summer, as part of their Sociology and Social Problems course, 17 Jamestown Business College students studied organizations that serve active duty service members and veterans.

When the class voted to do something to support the military community, Professor Jessica Halftown asked students to research various military support nonprofits, evaluate several aspects, and assess their effectiveness. “The students evaluated each charity’s mission, who they serve, and the percentage of proceeds that directly impact service members and their families,” Halftown explained.

After students shared their research with the class, they came to the consensus that the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society would be a worthy beneficiary of their fundraising efforts.

“We started an awareness and fundraising campaign using social media,” explained first-year business administration student Andrea Perkins. “We created a strategy and crafted messages to get people interested in our cause, and we were pretty successful.”

“Our main social media platform was Facebook,” said second-year student Zachary Stewart. “We created a Facebook page to support the Society and included a donation button. We posted information on the page about how donations would help support Navy and Marine Corps service members and families.”

The college itself shared the students’ efforts on its own social media platforms, and students raised awareness the old-fashioned way—by talking to people about the Society. The fundraising campaign ran for four weeks of the five-week course. The students set a fundraising goal of $250 and ended up raising $160. “It’s just a good feeling to be able to help,” Andrea said. “It gives us satisfaction and we’ve all learned a lot from it. I’ve been surprised by the real community that forms around these causes. Hearing service members and veterans talk about the true feeling of family and commitment that comes from veterans and military organizations has been pretty cool.”

“Students have been saying that they’re feeling more inspired to serve in their own community for causes that mean something to them,” said Halftown. “This course includes a service learning component, so we look at service to the community and link it to futures in the business sector. Our hope is that students will take the spirit of service with them into their future careers.”

Thank you for your contributions, Jamestown Business College students!

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso


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