Fernando Miranda stood out at the Budget for Baby workshop at NMCRS Portsmouth, Virginia. He’d retired from the Navy in 2014 after two decades as a logistics specialist, and he and his wife were the new parents of twins. Fernando attended the workshop by himself because the twins were born early and needed several days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and their mom stayed in the hospital with them.

Fernando thought the Society’s workshop was terrific. He got tips, cost-saving ideas, and resources. “I also came home with a junior Sea Bag,” he says, “a $50 gift card, and a handmade blanket for each baby.”

Born premature, the twins – Emily and Marc – required monitoring. Emily spent six days in the NICU. Marc spent nine. Because of the babies’ medical needs, the Society connected Fernando with a NMCRS visiting nurse who accompanied him and his wife to some of Marc’s medical appointments, and who called periodically to check on the family.

“The twins are doing better,” Fernando says. “And so is my wife.” Fernando’s wife had a difficult recovery herself, after a caesarean delivery, a blood transfusion, and other complications. “For the first two days, she couldn’t get up from her bed to see the babies,” Fernando says. “Finally getting to see them was a big relief.”

“I thought the Society just helped Sailors who needed money,” Fernando says. “After the workshop and the visit from their nurse, I realized the Society does a lot more. The Society will give you help when you need it.”

So much good for Sea Service members in need like Fernando – this is your support in action. Thank you for giving so generously to help those who serve.

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso



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