After spending 30 years as a Navy pharmacist, married to a Navy veteran, and raising a daughter who joined the Navy, Roger Hirsh possesses his fair share of Navy pride. Now he’s advocating for the chance to express that pride through his Virginia license plate.

“I go to Dunkin Donuts every morning to meet with some retired military buddies,” Hirsh explained. “There are a couple of Navy, a few Coast Guard, and a few Army retirees. I noticed in the parking lot that there were several cars with Army and Coast Guard plates. But, after a little research, I discovered there isn’t an option to get a Navy plate for your car in Virginia.”

Until now, if Hirsh is successful. For the past six months Hirsh has been working to gain approval for a Navy plate for Virginia drivers. He has worked with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Navy Trademark Office, and his state legislative sponsor (Del. S. Chris Jones of the 76th District) to advance his efforts. Several steps remain for the license plate to be created. First, Hirsh must receive 450 prepaid orders for the plate no later than September 1, which costs $25 annually, or $35 for personalized plates. Once 450 paid applications have been received, Del. Jones will introduce a bill at the January 2018 session of the Virginia General Assembly. Military plates require a minimum of 450 prepaid applications before the General Assembly will agree to authorize them. As soon as the minimum 450 is reached, the legislative process can begin.

If the bill passes, the governor will sign the bill in March, and it will become law in July. The plate could be on cars and motorcycles driving down Virginia roads by the end of 2018.

For Hirsh, supporting NMCRS with the plate was equally as important as displaying his Navy pride when he drives. “I’ve worked with NMCRS my entire career and I’ve seen them do a lot of very good things for people who honestly needed it,” he said. “The Society ensures that I have my Sailors’ full focus to do their work in the hospital or pharmacy. They’re not sweating because their car needs repair or they don’t have the money to attend a family member’s funeral. It’s just logical to take care of your Sailors and their families and NMCRS does that well. After the initial 1,000 plates are sold, $15 of every purchase will be a donation to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Buying a Navy plate enables you to show your Navy spirit and help your Shipmates.”

Hirsh launched his career as a Corpsman during the Vietnam era, where he served as a pharmacy technician at Naval Hospital Portsmouth, Virginia. He was stationed in California, Florida, Illinois, and Kuwait before retiring. After a few years as a community pharmacist at a local drugstore, Hirsh returned to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center as a civil service pharmacist, managing the internal pharmacy computer system for three branches of the service in the Hampton Roads region.

“When I’m driving and I see a Navy plate, I will know that someone stood up for the Navy and was able to contribute to NMCRS in the process,” Hirsh said.

To learn more, or submit your completed Navy plate application contact, or visit

By Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso



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