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Most Society volunteers work directly with service men and women and their families, but many serve behind the scenes.

These valuable but less-visible volunteers help us analyze and improve our programs. “The Society really benefits from highly skilled volunteers who help us make informed business decisions,” said NMCRS director of volunteers Barb Sheffer. “All this work goes on to ensure that we’re being efficient with donors’ dollars and volunteers’ time.”

Kim Puts Data to Use

Kim Moffatt Kim Moffatt serves at the Society’s San Diego, Calif., location. “We have so much raw data,” Kim said, “but until it’s put into context, the data isn’t very helpful.” Kim’s specialty is working with spreadsheets.

“We track the number of prospective volunteers,” she said, “how they heard about the Society, how many complete our orientation program, and the number who begin to volunteer on a regular basis. We’re also tracking the average length of time to complete our onboarding process.”

This is information that’s very useful in helping the Society improve how we recruit, retain, and deploy our volunteers.

The data has further revealed how volunteers can be best trained. For example, it might be better for short-term volunteers to be given responsibilities that require less training. “We now know that we need to identify ways to use volunteers who will be able to serve only for a short time,” Kim said.

Kim also analyzes the operations at Society thrift stores. She tracks the number and type of customers who shop at the Society’s San Diego, Calif., thrift store. She charts sales trends and customer information to help thrift shop volunteers plan where to advertise and when to offer sales and coupons. Kim does a great job.

How Mark Is Improving the Society’s Workshops

Mark Felipe serves at the Society’s headquarters every Friday.Mark Felipe

Mark analyzes data collected from the Society’s Budget for Baby workshops held around the world. He reviews the questionnaires to better understand the demographics of the people attending the workshops. Because of his analysis, we’ve been able to review the workshop content to ensure that parents are getting information that will really make a difference in their lives.

Each Budget for Baby participant gets a free gift from the Society. “We’re tracking how many participants choose the gift card and how many choose the layette items,” Mark said. “Now we can identify usage trends and better manage inventory.” This enables the Society to be more efficient with donations. Mark’s help is invaluable.

Tess Helps Volunteers Serve Better

Tess CoxTess Cox serves at the Society’s Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. She knows all the volunteer roles in her office, so she can fill in and train volunteers as needed.

“We want our volunteers to gain a better understanding of community resources,” Tess said. “For example, we had a speaker from the base tax-preparation office come in and talk about filing income taxes. We can refer clients to them or call them to ask questions.” Tess really makes a difference.

Trevor Puts His Knowledge to Use

Trevor Pierce is an economic analyst, and he chose to volunteer with the Society because his younger brother is in the Marines and was recently deployed.

In his first assignment, Trevor updated the Volunteer Welcome Aboard presentation to include videos, graphs, and photos that show the Society’s mission and values.

He is also analyzing the Society’s volunteer child care reimbursement expenditures. These reimbursements are vital. Many volunteers say the reimbursements are the reason that they’re able to give their time and talent to the Society. Trevor’s work has helped immensely.

The Society is grateful for all our wonderful volunteers. Join us in saluting them!

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