Admiral AbbotDear Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Visiting Nurses,

Since 1922, visiting nurses have cared for Sailors, Marines, and their families. Those of you who continue that tradition today carry on the legacy with a professionalism and compassion that would make those first nurses very proud.

I know this because, as a husband to a nurse, I understand well the challenges your profession faces as you seek to provide comfort and resources to those most in need. As healthcare professionals, you provide home visits, consultations, referrals, and health education beyond the capacity of most military and community healthcare systems. Your patience and tireless devotion to what you do make you an invaluable resource to new mothers, elderly widows and widowers. And, as America’s longest war continues on, you tend to our combat-wounded and assist their families as they adjust to their new normal. You are kind and encouraging, wise and patient, a nurturer and provider during times of great personal strife.

In 2016, you were responsible for more than 59,487 contacts with active duty Sailors and Marines, retirees, combat veterans, their families, children, caregivers, widows and widowers. You had more than 15,086 conferences with other medical professionals and made more than 3,788 referrals to other agencies on their behalf. You also provided 925 healthcare classes to more than 3,903 Society clients.

You can go home each night confident that you have made a tremendous difference in someone’s life! I am honored to publicly recognize your contributions and loyal support to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society during National Nurses Week 2017.


Admiral Steve Abbot,

U.S. Navy (Retired)

President and Chief Executive Officer



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