Featured Our Team — 16 June 2015

HTC Jon Fitzgerald

He’s the NMCRS representative on the USS Donald Cook (DDG-75). “I like interacting with people I normally wouldn’t meet,” said Chief Hull Technician Jonathan Fitzgerald. “But the challenging part is hearing about their unique hardships and the financial situations they’ve gotten themselves in.”

“I like helping Sailors and Marines, so I volunteered.”

“The ship needed a Society representative and I like helping Sailors and Marines, so I volunteered,” he said.

So far, Jon has only processed one case for financial assistance. But he’s helped many of his shipmates get discounted airline tickets when they needed to take emergency leave, and he’s helped many others with financial questions. He works closely with June Brennan, Director of NMCRS Rota, Spain, who provides training, assistance, and oversight.

While he’s never needed to use the Society’s services himself, Jon has always made sure that Sailors know what the Society can do for them. “Having a shipboard NMCRS representative is important,” Jon said, “because, without one, it would be extremely difficult – if not impossible – for my Shipmates to get the financial help they need.”

You can just hear Jon’s concern for the well being of service men and women, and that’s what you support through your generous gifts to the Society. Thank you!


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