From the Signal Bridge

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Abbot_Steve_001 Official Photo 2014

Be prepared – a lesson we’ve all learned. Every day, team NMCRS helps Sea Service members and their families be prepared for the financial challenges of military life. Our volunteers provide budget counseling and personal financial management education and, when a family’s financial challenges are insurmountable, we provide interest-free loans and grants.

At this time of year, as you would expect, our team is prepared for another hurricane season. As you read the article about four of our offices and the volunteers who responded to last year’s season of four category IV hurricanes, you can be sure we are again ready to help Sea Service members and their families evacuate, recover, and thrive.

You will also learn how a young Marine, Charlie Poole, prepared for a life of military service, but found himself unprepared for the physical and mental impacts of combat duty. His story, about how Sonja Dillard, a Society Combat Casualty Assistance Visiting Nurse, helped him prepare for a new life living with PTSD helps us understand the resiliency of those who serve.

And then there’s Lieutenant Commander Glenn Ellis– who prepared for a difficult life on the farm. Then, a chance encounter opened up the world to him. After a naval career, and another in naval shipbuilding, he finds joy in his garden. And, because of his deep commitment to Sea Service families, his legacy gift ensures the Society is prepared – prepared to serve Sailors, Marines, and their families.

We hope you will enjoy reading this edition of the Legacy Newsletter. I encourage you to “tell a friend” about the Society, the men and women we serve, and how our mission helps them be prepared. Your support is important to the Society, the Navy, the Marine Corps and the nation.


Admiral Steve Abbot, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

President and Chief Executive Officer

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