From the Signal Bridge

Dear Friends and Supporters,

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Your Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society recently celebrated an important milestone. It occurred on January 17, when we celebrated the 400,000th Quick Assist Loan, representing $152M of interest-free loans, over the 10-year period since the inception of the program. The Quick Assist Loan provides an immediate interest-free loan of up to $500 for active duty Marines and Sailors, to meet urgent financial needs and keep them focused on their jobs and protecting our freedoms. We are pleased to report that the Quick Assist Loan Program continues to provide a critically important alternative for Sailors and Marines to the payday loans that so plagued our servicemen and women 10 years ago. The predatory loan trap still exists, but is vastly diminished, for active duty personnel, from the conditions in 2006 and before.

We hope this issue of Legacy® newsletter will inspire you. Your generous support continues to make a difference for Sea Service members and their families – Marines, like former Corporal and Mrs. Weaver, and their baby girl, Laycee, who made it through some traumatic surgeries with lots of support from a Society visiting nurse. Your donations also helped Sailors like YN1 Grossglass, FCC Pearson, HM3 Adloye, and a recently retired couple with twins.

These stories, and the Sea Service families they represent, could not have been possible without your financial support – and our many dedicated volunteers.

Each year, during March and April, active duty and retired Sailors and Marines are asked to think about Shipmates and fellow Marines who are facing hardship and personal challenges. Because of your generosity, the Society is able to offer them financial assistance, education, home visits by registered nurses, or access to gently used toys, clothes and uniforms, which help them to lead successful lives and set a positive example for their families.

We encourage you to visit and

And we’ll keep you informed of our ongoing efforts to serve Sailors, Marines, and their families in 2017.


Admiral Steve Abbot, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

President and Chief Executive Officer

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