Featured Marine Corps Marathon — 22 September 2015

Doug LareauBy Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso

This fall’s Marine Corps Marathon won’t be his first marathon, but it may be Doug Lareau’s most meaningful race because he’ll be running alongside his niece, Morgan Jung, a midshipman at the Naval Academy.

Lareau has run three marathons before, including one that was the third leg of his Iron Man triathlon. This will be Jung’s first marathon. “She knows I have experience with endurance sports, so we decided it would be fun if we ran it together,” explained Lareau. Jung played volleyball and golf in high school, but had never been an endurance athlete, said Lareau. She became more of a runner at the Naval Academy and completed her first half marathon last spring.

Because of Lareau’s past service as a Navy JAG, he wanted to run in support of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. “I remember from my days in the JAG corps referring clients to the Society when they had needs that could be met there.” Lareau’s wife, Cindy, is also a former JAG so affinity for the Navy runs strong throughout the family.

Since Lareau lives in the Boston area and Jung lives in Minnesota when she’s not in school in Annapolis, the two haven’t had much opportunity to train together. “We’ve been texting,” instead, joked Lareau. During a family vacation in August, however, Lareau and his niece were able to run a few times together. Meanwhile, Lareau tries to encourage Jung virtually. “I’ve been trying to give her advice on hydration and fueling, and helping her to remember it’s about having fun and not to get too stressed out about it,” he explained. “She’s at the Naval Academy and everything’s serious. I try to help her remember running is all for fun and she’s going to be fine.”

As one of the few veterans working for the company where Lareau works as chief legal officer and chief information officer, he often promotes causes that support veterans and sponsors Veterans Day commemorations. He’s set his NMCRS MCM fundraising goal at $5,000, optimistic that friends, family, and colleagues will support his efforts, knowing the money is all going to the good cause of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society’s service to Sailors, Marines, and their families.

You can support Lareau and the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society here: https://donate.nmcrs.org/page/outreach/view/mcm-2015/DougLareau


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