Your Support Saves Lives

No matter how many times it’s happened, “one of the most terrifying things is to answer the phone or read a text from someone who says, ‘I’ve got a loaded weapon in my hand and you [...]

Facing a bright future – because of donors like you.

When Mike Nicholson met Katie, in 2013, he was in the habit of sleeping all day and bar-hopping at night. “I wouldn’t go out of my house unless the sun was down,” he recalled. Mike learned [...]

NMCRS Visiting Nurse Helps Marine Family Navigate Recovery and New Life

Christopher Cranmer spent nearly half of his seven years in the Marine Corps deployed—primarily to Iraq and one tour to Afghanistan. “I was in the Infantry so I was around everything—firefights, IEDs.” he recalled. As a [...]

Visiting Nurse Tricia Otts Believes in Providing Consistency to Her Clients

Tricia Otts was sitting in her office at a home health agency when an email appeared on her computer screen. “It was a photo of a combat veteran with prosthetics on both legs and a story [...]

Susan McKelvey Understands the Value of Standing with a Client In Good Times and Bad

As a long-time Navy wife, Susan McKelvey can definitely relate to her clients who are young moms, parenting solo while their husbands are deployed. Her own Navy husband, now retired, was a submariner. “I’m just giving [...]

Donna Fischer Works with Navy and Marine Families Across the Generations

Married to a Marine at age 18, Donna Fischer got a crash course in military life at her husband’s first duty station in San Diego, California. To make ends meet, she went to cosmetology school and [...]

Nancy Vasquez Brings Decades of Experience to Visiting Nurse Role in Naples

For three decades, Nancy Vasquez has cared for moms and babies in the hospital. She began her career as a post-partum nurse looking after moms and newborns. Later, she trained in labor and delivery and gained [...]

National Nurses Week 2017: Letter from the Visiting Nurse Program Director, Tammy Ackiss

When Ruthi Moore retired this year after more than 35 years of NMCRS service, everyone knew she left big shoes to fill. As the Society’s first Director of Nursing, Ruthi Moore shaped the Society’s traditional visiting [...]

National Nurses Week 2017: Jo Walker Finds Her Dream Job Working As A Society Visiting Nurse

Sometimes the simplest gesture makes the biggest difference. When NMCRS Visiting Nurse Jo Walker was working with a retired USMC general, she realized his eyesight was not what it used to be and created a large-print [...]

National Nurses Week 2017: Heather Underhill’s Passion To Be A Nurse Started At An Early Age

When Heather Underhill was a small child sitting in the back seat of her parents’ car, she would get upset when an ambulance got stuck in traffic. “Someone in there is sick!” she would shout, and [...]

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