Admiral AbbotNMCRS President and CEO Admiral Steve Abbot congratulates the Society’s visiting nurses on their vital and compassionate work. In honor of National Nurses Week 2016, we will be featuring one of our wonderful nurses on our blog each day next week. Read their stories and celebrate them–and all of our nurses, past and present–with us. 


May 2016

Dear Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Visiting Nurses,

I’m pleased to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the enduring dedication and compassion of the Society’s visiting nurses. As the 2016 National Nurses Week festivities take place, it’s entirely fitting to reflect upon the significant contributions you’ve made to ensure the health and welfare of generations of Navy and Marine Corps service members and families stationed around the globe.

As heath care professionals, your compassion, breadth of knowledge, and access to valuable referral sources markedly improves client access to health care, supportive networks, and community services. Further, your daily interactions, home visits, consultations, and caring presence make a daily impact upon the quality of life for young mothers with newborns, ill family members, elderly widows and widowers, and combat-served Marines and Sailors (as well as parents, wives, husbands, children and caregivers).

In 2015, you made more than 49,000 personal visits, telephone, email and other contacts with clients, attended 16,017 meetings with medical professionals, and made innumerable referrals to other agencies and service providers. And, in your spare time, provided 1,108 health care classes to more than 3,790 Society clients!

Thank-you for being the wonderful, caring professionals you are – and for providing hope, healing, and comfort to so many. Your listening skills are without equal, and compassion is ever your hallmark.
With Great Pride,

Admiral Steve Abbot, U.S. Navy (Retired)
President and Chief Executive Officer



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